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Learn more from crediteducateaid.com

The scores and histories you've established not only dictate how much you can borrow or the interest rates you'll pay, but also if you can borrow anything at all.

Likewise, credit improvement is unlikely to cross your mind much, if at all... until you need it. It's a dizzying and sometimes scary process to face, but one most financially sound individuals have to embark upon at some point.

The Do It Yourself Coursebook was created to educate and assist those who wish to improve their credit. While you can hire a "credit improvement service," there's nothing these companies can do that you can't do on your own. We'll walk you through the steps with clear language, precise actions, and plenty of reminders to help you to achieve your goals.

While it sounds rare, false blemishes on credit reports are anything but; over 42 million consumers have one or more mistakes on their credit records.

Some mistakes on your reports are so sizeable they can stop people from renting apartments, purchasing homes, or landing certain jobs... and all for something they didn't do. Even if your report “seems” accurate, it's possible you've got one or two items hidden in the woodwork that you had no part in creating—but you'll still be the one paying the price, in more ways than one.

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